كتب ناصر قنديل Nasser Kandil wrote: Syria and the elections of Istanbul

 It is not possible to separate between the resounding loss of Recep Erdogan, his party, and his
project in the elections of Istanbul which he intended along with his party to turn them into a
referendum on his leadership and project and between his war on Syria which formed the only
real draft of his project and which led to dire consequences against Turkey’s status, economy, and
its freedoms.
 Therefore, it is impossible to ignore the fact that Syria is the most important regional voter in this
Turkish referendum, if Erdogan’s project achieved the minimum successes he sought to; we
would witness another perception of the Turkish voter. Therefore, the results of any internal
transformations witnessed by Turkey will be linked with changes related to the Turkish position
towards Syria.
 The seeking of Erdogan to restore his leadership and to anticipate the catastrophic end
foreshadowed by Istanbul elections that reflect deeply the future of Erdogan will be shown
mainly in competing the opposition on the new track in Syria, because going on in the previous
track will mean deepening the impasse. Because Erdogan masters playing the double game, so the
first thing he is going to do is to succeed on his rivals through occupying the position of the
opposition as the natural position of Turkey, since the matter becomes existential rather than
 The position of Turkey towards the war in Idlib and the way of dealing with the Russian
initiatives will change in the days to come, Erdogan’s instability says that everything can happen
in order to protect the seat in the power.
 Syria has the right to get its share from the elections of Istanbul.
Translatedby Lina Shehadeh,

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