كتب ناصر قنديل Nasser Kandil wrote: Trump-Putin summit and Syria
  • The Syrian equation can be simplified at Trump-Putin Summit as follows:
  • The Americans said that we cannot accept the expansion of Iran, Hezbollah and their allies in the Syrian territory. The Russians replied where there is fighting and where Hezbollah and the allies enter to support the Syrian army no one can take them out.
  • The Russians proposed a solution based on leaving voluntarily the areas on which the militants dominate to the Syrian army without fighting, so Hezbollah will not enter to them, therefore the Americans accept that as a framework for the solution and the start will be in the Syrian-Jordanian borders.
  • The Americans said that they cannot accept the Syrian President as a title for the solution. The Russians said we cannot accept his departure, so let the solution be the recognition of his staying till the elections take place, where the Syrians will choosetheir president without pre-conditions.
  • The Americans said we do not want to see the Popular Crowd or Hezbollah on the Syrian-Iraqi borders. The Russians said that if they reached the borders by force then they would remain in them, while if theses borders were voluntarily handed over to the Syrian and Iraqi armies then they would not be for anyone else.
  • The Americans said that we do not accept the participation of Iran in observing the understandings. The Russians said that the Syrian army neither accepts you nor the Turks or the Jordanians, because according to it they all forces of occupation, but if you agree on the Russian military police then the Syrian army will accept it because it is legitimate.
  • This is a preliminary reading of the main understandings lines which will crystalize successively.
  • The question is was not the issue between the two camps when America got involved in the war of Syria and when Hezbollah and Iran got involved too "who is with the staying of the Syrian President and the control of the Syrian army on the Syrian geography and who is against it"?
  • The one who wins and who imposes his will not his presence will win in this war.
  • One day Al SayyedNasrollah said just recognize the legitimacy of the Syrian President and the Syrian army then the war will end, because the terrorism is feeding on your need of it and your making use of it to subdue us, but we will not give up and now you are  giving up.

Translated by Lina Shehadeh,




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